An endorsement is a public statement of support for Measure P.  Every day, more and more businesses, organizations and individuals endorse.  Below is our current list of endorsers – but stay tuned, it’s growing every day!

If you own a business, or you’re part of an organization that would like to endorse, please fill out the form at the bottom, and we’ll add you to the list.

We Support Measure P:

Farms & Ranches

Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms
Almand Dahlia Gardens
Angora Bunny Lady
Backyard Harmony Dirt Farm
Bayside Park Farm
Bear River Valley Beef
Blue Blossom Farm
Blue Jay Nursery
Briceland Forest Farm
Buck and Daisy
Camp Grant Ranch
Claudia’s Organic Herbs
Clendenen’s Cider Works
Crescendo of Peace Farm
Cruz’s Twisted Roots
Deep Seeded Community Farm
Earth N Hands
Earthly Edibles
Eel River Organic Beef
Ewe So Dirty
Feisty Dog Orchards
Feral Family Farm
Fields Landing Farm
Fine Feather Ranch
Flood Plain Produce
Flora Organica
Flying Blue Dog Farm & Nursery
Forest Lakes Nursery
Fungaia Farm
Garberville Community Farm
Green Fire Farms
Hillbelly Farm
Honey Apple Farms
Huckleberry Farms
Jacob’s Greens
Laughing Mother Farms
Leo’s Plants
Little River Farm
Lost Coast Ranch
Luna Farm
Moonshadow Farm
Mycality Mushrooms
Neukom Family Farm
New Moon Organics
Norton Creek Farm
Organic Matters Ranch
Paradise Flat Farm
Paul Lohse
Pierce Family Farms
Rain Frog Farm
Rancho do los Proyectos
Redwood Roots Farm
Ridgetop Gardens
River Bees Ranch
Roe’s Bunny Farm
Rolling River Nursery
Ruby Slippers Farms
Sarvinski Family Farm
Seaside Herbs
Shakefork Community Farm
Shinn Dairy
Small Fruits
Sousa Ranches
Sweet Pea Gardens
Synergy Seeds
Tom Rayl Dairy
Trident Lightning Farm
Tule Fog Farm
Two Mule Farm
Valley Flower
Warren Creek Farm
Wild Rose Farm
Willow Creek Farms
Wolfsen Farms
Yewbear Farms

Vineyards & Breweries

Briceland Vineyards Winery
Coates Vineyards
Frey Vineyards
Humboldt Regeneration Brewery & Farm
Lost Coast Vineyards
Monument Mountain Vineyards
Robert Goodman Wines
Winnett Vineyards

Grocery Stores, Restaurants & Food Businesses

3 Foods Cafe
Arcata Scoop
Berkeley Olive Grove
Cacao Cocoon
Cafe Brio
Calico’s Cafe
Chautauqua Natural Foods
Coffee Break
Comfort of Home Catering
Crush Restaurant & Wine Bar
Dean Family Catering
Eden Foods
Ethiopian International Cafe
Eureka Natural Foods
Fishing Vessel Rose Marie
Folie Douce
Food Foundation
Glee’s Baking & Milling
Henry’s Olives
Humboldt Bar & Grill
Humboldt Bay Coffee
Humboldt Grub Rub
Humboldt Healthy Foods
Ino Sauce
Juice Jungle
Kneeland Glen Farm Stand
Kyoto Sushi
La Trattoria
Lighthouse Grill
Luke’s Joint
Mario’s Lost Coast Cafe & Bakery
Maui Peace Organics
McKinleyville Central Market
Natural Decadence
Nature’s Serving
North Bay Shellfish
North Coast Co-op
Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market
Paul’s Live From New York
Persimmons Garden Gallery
Real World Grains Inc.
Redwood Meats
Reed’s Bees
Renata’s Creperie
Roger’s Market
Rumiano Cheese Company
Salt Air Cultures
Signature Coffee
Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates
Springville Steak
Sweet Basil Catering
The Banana Bread Cottage
The Other Place
Tofu Shop Specialty Foods
Uniquely Yours Catering
Vanderpool Gourmet Albacore Tuna
Vixen Kitchen

Other Businesses

A & L Feed
ABC (Alternative Building Center)
All Under Heaven
Alyssa Melody Acupuncture
Amour d’Art Gallery
Arcata Pet Supplies
Arise Natural Health
Away With Lice
Bang! Bang!
Bead Supply
Brassworks Music
Casad Chiropractic
CastleWare Baby
Chi Nei Tsang Institute
Consecrated Art Gallery
Dirty Business Soil Consulting & Analysis
DR Import
Essence of Humboldt
Essential Elements
Executive Yoga Inc.
First Street Realty
Freedom Organics
Garden of Beadin
Gardens for the Future
Golden Bee Candleworks
Got Respect Store
Grow It Right Aquaponics
Hillary Lauren Bergh Health Coaching
Humboldt Herbals
Humboldt Hunnies Day Spa
Humboldt Pet Supply
Innovative Landscapes
Julian Berg Designs
Lil Sproutz
Living Warrior
Local Thrift
Lost Foods
Mattole River Studios
New World Water
Northcoast Horticulture Supply
Organic Grace
Pacific Watershed Associates
People’s Records
Plant Repairs
Proactive Tree & Shrub Service
RAO Construction
Red Point Homes
Roadrunner Ltd.
Royal Gold Soils
Salmon Creek Wood Designs
Sequoia Wellness & Apothecary
Sprout Kids Clothing
Stray Poodle Media
Sun Systems Solar
The Garden Gate
The Hemp Connection
The Stork’s Nest
Threadbare Dancewear
Two Doors Down
Western Botanical Medicine

Organizations, Political Parties & Governments

Biosafety Alliance
California Native Plant Society – North Coast Chapter
California River Watch
Center for Food Safety
Coalition for Grassroots Progress
Community Alliance with Family Farmers – Redwood Coast Region
Dow’s Prairie Community Grange #505
Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)
Food Council of the Ojai Valley Green Coalition
Freshwater Grange #499
GMO Free Josephine County
GMO Free San Juan County
GMO Free Sonoma County
Green Party of Humboldt County
Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee
Humboldt County Traditional Foods (Weston A. Price chapter)
Humboldt/Del Norte Pomona Grange #19
Humboldt Permaculture Guild
Locally Delicious, Inc.
Moms Across America
North Coast Growers Association
North Coast Young Democrats/College Democrats
Northcoast Environmental Center
Organic Consumers Association
Organic Seed Alliance
Oregonians for Safe Farms & Families
Our Family Farms Coalition
Peace and Freedom Party
Sacramento Community Grange #843
Sierra Club
Southern Humboldt Farmers Market
Toronto Non-GMO Coalition
Transition Humboldt
Veterans for Peace Chapter 56
Yurok Tribal Council


Bridget Allen
Hezekiah Allen
David Andersen
Ann Anderson
Chuni Anello
Patrice Anita
Chet Atkins
Gayle Atwell
Carly Barker
Sharon Barnes
Jessica Barrett
Julie Basinger
Jesus Bautista
Karen Bearson
Chris & Richard Beresford
Hillary Bergh
David Bieling
Blythe Blue
Harry Blumenthal
Linette Bourassa
Bitsa Burger
Brendan Burke
CJ Burkett
Andy Caffrey
Monty Caid
Jenni Campbell
Matthew Cando
Dr. Denise Cantin, DO
Dr. Christine Cass, PhD
Jenna Catanese
Betty Chavez
Lisa Chiapero
Carole Chouinard
Joe Clement
Jerry Cohoon
Brian Cole
Dr. Thomas Coleman, ND
Calvin Collier
Andrea Collins
George Cooney
Dr. Beverly Copeland, MD
Gail Costa
Quinton Crawford
Allan Crocket
James Cunningham
Margarita Curras-Collazo
Daedalus D’Alamut
Rose Dallal
Ceedola Daubner
Donald R. Davis
Jacob Davis
Natalynne DeLapp
Annie Del Rio
Dr. Frank DiBari, DDS
Joan Dixon
Reannon Dortch
Mildred Dubitzky
Lori Dunn
Jeff Dyer
Chris Eldridge
Michael Elkins
Anita Emery
Ted Eshleman
Dr. Christine H. Farlow, DC
Daniel Farr
Betty Fekete
Rhiannon Ferriday
Suzanne Ferroggiaro
Gina Ficarotta
Eric Fidjeland
Beverly Filip
Colin Fiske
BJ Fitzpatrick
Shelby Flint
Carri Foote
Maggie Forcier
Nicole Fountain
Stacy Frez
Susan Frisbie
Dr. Corinne Frugoni, MD
Cindy Fuchser
Julie Fulkerson (Mayor, City of Trinidad)
Tom Fulkerson
Cheryl Furman
Barbara Gamblin
Vicki Gay
Beata Geigalaite
Hank Geving
Rich Gibbons
Lin Glen
Frances Goff
Lisa Golden
Victoria Golden
Elaine Gottesman
Hilary Grenier
Lawrence Greywolf
Dr. Audrey Griesbach, MD
Xandra Grube
Sarah Hage
Diana Hamid
Marie Hampton
Claire Hanover
Dr. Richard Hansis, PhD
Merianne Hanson
Cydney Henderson
Bruce Herzbach
Joel Hill
Josie Hill
Maureen Hill
James Hilton
Richard Hirai
W. Kari Hodges
Elyse Homberger
Mariela Huerta
Tim Hutcherson
David Hyde
George Inashvili
George Jackovic
Dr. Greg Jaso, DDS
Michael Jay
Bryan & Edie Jessup
Bruce Johnson
Charlie Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Mark S. Jones
Russell Jouett
Scott Kam
Britany Kamai
Louella Kanew
Jill Kaplan
Judy Kasper
Chris Kerrigan (Former Eureka City Councilmember)
J. S. Killarney
Nadia Kim
Lanny Kimsey
Norman Kindig
Jacquelyn Kingsley
Randy Klein
Crystal Konrady
Mel Kreb (Former Humboldt County Planning Commissioner)
Linda Kroeger
Lisa Kully
Dawn Kuznkowski
Livia Ladersjonez
John Lamb
Rachel LaMell
Angela LaPorta
Gloria Larkin
Sharon Larsen
Hannah Lassman
Jeanmarie Latini
Sharon Latour
Cheri Leclerc
Roland Ledrun
Robin Lerner
Peggy Leviton
Elizabeth Levy
Edmund Light
Sandra Linn
PJ Linney
Cassandra Lista
Sandi Little
Randall Littlejohn
Elaine Lium
Caroline Liviakis
Cindy Loomis
Mark Lovelace (Humboldt County Supervisor, Third District)
Luc Lucas
Mandy Luu
Linda Lyerly
Gabriel Madrigal
Holly Madrigal (Mayor, City of Willits; Candidate, Mendocino County Third District Supervisor)
Arlene Magarian
Sherriee Maguire
Laura Malven
Coleen Kelley Marks
Diane Marroquin
Kassi Marshall
Maureen Mason
Jason Mass
JD Mateja
Rose Matty
Susan McCabe
Becky McClellan
Nellie McConnell
Lori McCormic
Jene L. McCovey
Holly McDuffie
Eileen McGee
Mary McGrath
Denise McKenzie
David McMurray
Debra Metras
Thomas Milcarek
Charles Milkewicz
Cheryl Mitchell
Martha Mitchell
Dr. Nanette Mitchell, MD
Alex Mitgang
Kim Mollin
Carol Moné
Scott Moore
Nancy Mory
Bryan Moss
Richard Needham
Ve Neill
Luke Nemy
Dani Nicholson
Maria Nieves
Ken & Sara Norman
Linda Nowak-Carlson
Ana O’Cardiff
Leslie & Alan Odelberg
Michelle Orias
Susan Ornelas (Arcata City Councilmember)
Karen Orso
Linda Owen
Elvira Pachon
Lisa Palacio
Demetrios Panopoulos
Nadya Penoff
Nancy Peregrine
Kaylen Perry
Marta Peters
Bernt Pettersson
Anne Pierson
Paul Pitino
Tom Pitman
Myrna Ponce de Leon
Rene Porcile
Jennifer Poser
Robin Praszker
Gayle Pritchard-Peterson
Mara Raubitschek
Gerald Rees
Andrew Renouf
Christian Reyes
Kelly Ridio
Trisha Riel
Christy Rodgers
Rosemary Rogers
Sutton Roley
Stewart Rosen
Connie Roser-Renouf
Kimberly Rouse
Philip Rousseau
Victoria Ryan
Nancie Sailor
Dr. John Schaefer, PhD
Bill & Kay Schaser
Judi Scharnberg
Tate Scharnberg
Wendell Schautz
George Schneider
Jeanette Schuler
Mary Ann Schram
Lydia Schreider-Reuter
Brian Schwartz
Andrew Schwarz
Murven & Helen Sears
Anna Seiter
Kate Selway
Merrillyn Setterlund
John Shamel
Reuben Shanthikumar
Kevin Sharkey
Bill Shaw
Steven Sicular
Stacy Sigler
Uly Silkey
John Silvers
Carolyn Smith
Daisy Etta Smith
Gabriel Solana
Nicole Spencer
Jessica Osborne Stafsnes
Ryan Stafsnes
Leah Stamper
Carol Starkey
Kris Stauffer
Alex Stephenson
Kortney Stern
Susan Stewart, RN
Thomas Stratton
Anne Stuart
Bill Sullivan
Jame Talors
Stacy Thomas
Yvette Troyna
Cat Valentine
Marle Vane
Aletha Ocean-Forest Vengco
Vincent Villalobos
Nathan Vogel
Melissa Vu
Joanne Wade
Kelli Waggoner
Cheryl Watson
Julius Watters
Frances Webster
Phyllis Weiser
Dennis Welgan
Jerry West
Sarah Westberg
George Wheeler (Director, McKinleyville Community Services District)
Dianne Whiteheair
Cecil Wilkerson
Carolee Williams
David Williams
Michael Williams
Tim Williams
Jen Willis
George Wilton
Michael Winkler (Vice Mayor, City of Arcata)
Rose Ann Witt
Esther Witte
Beverly Wolfe
Christine Wolfe
Michael Woody
Kurt Wrede
Cheryl Wysocki
Terri Yamate
Christopher Yates
Al Young
Veronica Young
Kim Zappulla
PJ Zaramskas
Willow Zarlow
Dr. Dennis Zetter, PharmD

8 thoughts on “Endorsements

  1. I wholeheartedly endorse all attempts to label our food and to keep chemical companies’ toxic products out of the food we eat.

    It is an unfortunate shame that I must join animal slavers in order to do this. I hope all the slavers cease their dirty business and participate in the effort to smash animal slavery.

  2. We need Gmos to be labeled!

    • Measure P though is to ban the cultivation of GMOs. We love your support!

    • Yes they need to be labeled, just like the ingredients in your toothpaste, everything that enters our bodies, which are very compromised already from poison, needs to be labeled…we do not live in the spam and twinkie age, hey lets go have a big old piece of cinnamon toast and spread some crisco and sugar (made from GMO beets) on it, along with some carnation instant breakfast made with milk that has growth hormone…yum

  3. We the people, should have the right to make these choices.

  4. It is our right to know what we eat

  5. It shouldn’t be a luxury to know what you are eating. It should be a basic human right! Food labeling is essential, everywhere! If you care about the human race and our environment at all, your conscience should steer you the right way. NO WAY TO GMOs!

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