Cambodia Visa Requirements

What exactly is e-Visa to Cambodia and needs

Visa for Cambodia is the electronic authorization obtained from the Cambodian’ authorities as the permit entry. The application of it is through online, and it is acquired through email in a PDF form. The e-Visa is printed on a paper and not stamped over the passport. The key purpose of the e-visa is for the tourist’s adventures. There are no special prerequisites for the Cambodia e-Visa.

There are actually three kinds of E-visas that you might need when you want to go to Cambodia. These are typically Cambodia travel visa, Cambodia tourist visa and Cambodia travel visa. A process for acquiring visas when you wish to visit Cambodia is made easier with the presence of the revolutionary option of Cambodia E-Visa Visa. It is possible today to obtain e-Visa to Cambodia,cambodia e visa, visa prerequisites for cambodia that is within just 1 day. Whether or not it is for vacation, basic tourism or company objective, you don’t have to stand in a line to apply for it. You can do it while sitting down inside your workplace, house or even when you’re just relocating.
E-Visa requirements

There is something to remember when submitting an application for the Visa for Cambodia . The very first thing you require is to ensure you are part of a country that is in the accredited listing. There are some nations which have no good partnership with Cambodia for them to submit an application for this visa, so people of these countries don’t benefit from it. The whole checklist can be obtained on the web. Anybody who is submitting an application for the e-Visa to Cambodia, he’s required to state his port of entry where they can enter to Cambodia. The applicants for the e-Visa to Cambodia are necessary to accompany the application with a valid passport which is at least six months, photos, email address, and the credit cards.

Within the Visa for Cambodia application portal, you’ll get clear guidelines to help you. You need to read through all those directions before you began to apply for it. Full name, birthday and place of birth are some of the mandatory information which have to fill up correctly – these detailed have to be similar to those in the passport. You have to point out the e-mail address, the contact info and such details which need to be mentioned correctly. A link is also available there where once you click; you’ll be directed to the application page in which you will be needed to fill in various information.

Apart from the above information, you’ll also be required to enter in the information regarding your gender. The proposed date for the entry to Cambodia, passport validity period, and also the country of your citizenship must be stated clearly. Any mistake when applying for the e-Visa to Cambodia should be avoided or else the visa application may end up being denied. Once you have filled the application, there are some self-declarations that you have to agree to. There are some service fees which are required for the visa application to complete the process and then, the approval period is within just twenty-four hours.

Oman Online Visa application

Oman E-visa

E-visa Oman is an electronic visa that was set up by the Sultanate of Oman on 21 March 2018. This E-visa was delivered which is a web-based program for authorization to go to Oman. Application for an authorization to travel can just be issued on the web not with the law enforcement officials at the Omani Borders as it was before. After its launch, a waiver program was presented for foreign nationals from certain countries. Different nations are benefiting from the waiver program of Oman visa. Tourists are able to finish the application from their houses as well as receive e-visa through their own email.

Oman e visa types

There are two types of e-visa offered: single and multiple entry tourist visas. The two kinds enable a stay of thirty days in Oman. The single entry tourist visa is valid for a single entry and the length of stay could be extended. The multiple entry visa applies for multiple entries nevertheless the duration of stay cannot be extended.

Why apply?

The authorization of the Oman e visa allows the processing of travelers’ visa applications before traveling to Oman. The procedure is computerized but easy and is in accordance with the legal guidelines. The online application has lessened the time required to obtain the application form. Connection between the travelers and Omani government is made easier as the Oman e-visa application offers information on the number of tourists who have been to Oman.

Who can apply?

There are 71 nations detailed for the e-visa application. Citizens from these nations are therefore eligible to make an application for e-visa. The qualified places have been outlined in the Oman e-visa web page.


The first prerequisite when submitting an application for Oman E-visa is qualification. Travelers have to verify whether they are eligible for the electronic visa. The second requirement is a passport. The passport must be valid and should stay so for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Oman. The 3rd requirement is a latest photograph. Tourists are required to profile a digital picture of them which needs to have a white backdrop. E-mail is another prerequisite which is used to receive the visa. The very last prerequisite will be the method of payment including: debit/credit cards, Alipay, and Paypal.

Application Process

The application process for the Oman e-visa requires only a few clicks. The process involves the completing the online visa application form that is based on the travel records and documents. This application form must be printed after completely filling out. This is followed by the payment of processing charges by Paypal or credit card. On successful processing of the payment, a notice is sent to the applicant’semail. This e-mail must be presented to the border control agencies. On approval of the application by the Omani government, and payment of visa fees has been made, the e-visa will likely be delivered by e-mail in just a period of two business days. This visa should be presented in a hardcopy form on arrival in Oman. The e-visa is valid for a period of 6 months from the approval time and can’t be extended or revised.

Touristic Attractions in India

Indian e-Visa, requirements, eVisa to India Travel and leisure feed you

Indian e-Visa, requirements, Indian visa waiver

Travel and leisure feed our soul. It’s what makes life even more exciting. However you can’t do your travel if you’re not completely ready along with your legal documents. And that includes your visa and passport. Every nation has its own regulations upon entry and that includes India. Their government is needing every single foreigner getting into their place to get a bona fide travelling documents like that of a passport with a valid visa taken from an Indian Post offshore. Presently, e – Visa to India is the major prerequisite for all of foreigners who are planning to take vacation.

So what exactly is an Indian e- Visa? It began way back 2010 with foreigners coming from five pilot nations. One year later, even more nations are added until it encompasses tourists from all of 163 nations who will be going to India for brief time period like medical professionals going to events, people looking for medical care, business trips and the likes. Indian e – Visa is less hassle transaction given that it’s effectivity will only last for a short period of time.

There are actually 3 categories of Indian e – Visa;

  • e – Tourist Visa,
  • e – Business – Visa and
  • e – Medical Visa.

There are actually steps and requirements in getting Indian e – Visa document. Who are accredited to have an e – Visa to India?

  • •Visitors who would visit India for family matters; attend wedding events, traveling to friends and relatives, company tour and travelling for leisure.
  • •Travelers need to have passport with six months’ validity beginning from the time of Indian e – Visa application.
  • •Their own passport must at least possess two blank pages for stamping reasons.
  • •All travelers should ready their return flight tickets immediately after from their own stay from their own hotels with certain time duration .
  • •Travelers having little ones should possess their own Indian e – Visa too.

When you are able to fill out an application for e – Indian visa waiver, have yourself ready with passport size pictures and a 6 months passport validity- . Throughout arrival, make sure to carry a printout copy of your Indian e – Visa, passport, medical certificate providing details of your whole duration stay and might as well invitation documents if applicable.
To apply,

  • 1.Complete your application available on the web with airline information which includes the date of arrival, name of the airport, complete name details. Ensure all of information given is consistent to what’s on your passport. Instances of being rejected for e – Visa application just happens when you give incomplete relevant information, the validity of your passport does not qualify or if the return date of your travel is uncertain.
  • 2. Process your payment (service and government fees) on the web making use of the payment options given in the guidelines. As soon as payment is completed, verification email will be delivered to accomplish Indian e – Visa application. Once accepted, you’ll once again receive it through email.
  • 3.Secure a copy of your Indian e – Visa through printing it so you it handy so Indian Immigration can stamp themon arrival in India. Turnaround time for the airport staff to check your e – Visa is around 10 minutes only. It’s that simple.
  • Having Indian e – Visa together with you, travelling to India is indeed worry free. It is your security blanket to make your vacation experience in India an eventful and memorable.

Australia Visa Types


An ETA (electronic travel authorization) this is an electronic authorization for people traveling to Australia, this can be provided to all those trying to carry out short-term business in Australia or simply just visiting. This ETA really does replace your existing visa’s label or the stamp that is in your passport. One doesn’t need to make an application for the ETA at the commission. There are around thirty-three places that include Malaysia and Singapore that are qualified to apply for the ETAs. However only 8 of these can be able to apply over the internet.

For people who hold the passport that’s issued to ETA (electronic travel authorization) eligible nations, they may use the ETA visa to visit Australia. But first they will need to complete an online form. After application of the form, the response will likely be sent to them to by electronic mail, that is in the event the application goes through. The ETA is electronically connected to the passport number, this implies there will be no documents needed for verifications when traveling.

For individuals who are qualified for the ETA (electronic travel authorization) are provided the following option;

  • I. You may be able to make an application for visitors ETA (electronic travel authorization) that will let them to visit Australia for visiting loved ones or tourism reasons.
  • II. You can make an application for the ETA (electronic travel authorization) for business conferences, seminars or even to do short term business.

There are actually procedures on how to make application for the ETA (electronic travel authorization) for these qualified places.

  • I. One can fill out an application for the ETA (electronic travel authorization) over the internet using the Australian webpage ( Australian eta ). But one can also utilize the option of going to the local travel agent or perhaps at air carrier offices that are offered all over Singapore. This is the case since the ETAs aren’t available at high commission offices.
  • II. The best benefit of this ETAs is that there absolutely no forms needed.
    • The ETA system has made the travel companies and also airline companies a one-stop-shop, this is so given that they offer travel arrangements and also electronic travel authority (ETA) as one waits for their flights.

      These firms do demand a little charge to people trying to get the ETA (electronic travel authorization) but the authorities of Australia does not demand them for using this method.

      Right here below is more information about the owners of this ETA (electronic travel authorization) document.

      • • This ETA document permits anyone to pay a visit to Australia for stays of around three months.
      • For individuals who do not hold a passport that’s been provided by the ETA qualified places, they can’t hold this ETA, they will have to make an application for just a visitor’s visa rather. This will be doable by visiting the Australian high commission which should also be over the counter hours.
      • The legality of the ETA (electronic travel authorization) document is about 12 (twelve) months or the period your passport takes to expire . However it considers the document with the shortest duration of expiry. This means every time one visits; the visit does not go beyond three months.
      • An advantage for people possessing business ETAs is that they can also make use of the same for travel and leisure visits as well.
      • People looking to visit Australia for business it’s strongly suggested they do this three (3) before they prefer to travel.

      The validity of the ETA (electronic travel authorization) for a business that is also valid for the same period as the passport, it’s available on the internet as well. The only real distinction would be that the government does charge a minimal charge, that may be paid online.

Egypt visa requirements

What is egypt e-visa ?

The Egyptian tourism industry is among the world’s most productive and it still grows every single day. To guarantee more returns, the Egyptian authorities came up with a fast process to make it simpler for tourists to get the Egypt visa on the internet. The Egyptian visa makes it possible for eligible applicants to have their visas through submitting an application through an online portal.It’s a very quick and handy way of getting a visa, and it also saves one the hustle of needing to visit the embassy to obtain one. Nevertheless, before applying, one must be aware of these requirements:

1.Must be a citizen of a qualified country
Just residents of these nations can make an application for an online visa:

  • Slovakia
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Norway
  • Malta
  • Italy
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Australia
  • United
  • Kingdom
  • Germany
  • United States
  • Finland
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Luxembourg
  • Sweden
  • The Vatican
  • Portugal
  • Ireland
  • Monaco
  • Iceland
  • Estonia
  • Slovenia
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Moldova
  • Macedonia
  • Cyprus
  • Lithuania
  • Croatia
  • Romania
  • South Korea
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Ukraine
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Albania
  • Spain

2. Early application
Application for the visa to Egypt ought to be done early enough to permit enough processing time. It also ensures that one still has plenty of time in case revision of submitted documents and applications is necessary. One should finish this process a few days before the anticipated time of trip to Egypt and those thinking about applying ahead of time are able to do it at most, Thirty days prior to the day of departure.

3. Essential files and information
For an application to succeed, one must submit the following documents and data:

  • • A standard passport that is valid for eight months from the arrival date. From the passport, you are required to give the passport document number, the time it was issued and also the expiration time, country it was given and its biographical page.
  • • A properly filled online application form
  • • A valid credit card or anything to prove that you have ample funds. This is to be sure that you are entering the country for the ideal reasons.
  • You can’t become a refugee there.

  • • An e-mail address and phone number. These make it easy to call you in the event of any issues. The status of your application is sent via email, and this is also where you will get the visa once processing is finished and everything goes well.
  • • Basic personal information like name, birth date, place of birth as well as gender. All of these should be written just as they’re on the passport.
  • • Information on why you are going to the place and your plans while there. All of your plans while in Egypt from where you will live, to the activities you will be doing, are essential. Those traveling to Egypt for work or to study cannot have this visa over the internet. There are a few reservations why this is not attainable.
  • All the information provided should be accurate and recently updated. Or else, one risks delays in processing or over-all cancellation of their online visa application process.

Touristic Attractions in Cambodia

What’s e Visa to Cambodia


MFAIC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) introduced Cambodia E-Visa in April of 2006 to develop the country tourism. Cambodia Visa requirements include both passport and Visa to visit the nation legally. Travelers and also business travelers may acquire a Cambodia E Visa appropriate for 1 month at the airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and borders. Both have an authorization accurate for 6 months from the expiration date, 01 recent passport-sized photos. Once approved , the person will get an immigration letter in 3 days and he/she is supposed to bring it for validation at the checkpoint. However, several countries are exempted from Visa like Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Seychelles, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei for 1 month or 30 days.


Officers such as Diplomats of a few nations do not require a visa. twenty six nations i.e. Brazil, China, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Thailand, Uruguay, Vietnam, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cuba, Ecuador, India, Iran, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines have no need for Visa.


The cost of Visa is 89EUR for visitors and 35 Dollars for company occasions. Nevertheless, in the event o overstayf, the visa Cambodia can be extended for the company event only for 1 month, A couple of months, six months and 1 year. If you by chance overstayed, a fine of 10 dollars would be levied per day. Ideal method to extend your Cambodian acceptance is to utilize some of the countless Local travel agencies in the area. They’ll carry out all of the documentation for you; the action takes 7 working days.


Cambodia can be entered via 6 airports i.e. Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport, Sihanoukville International Airport, Sihanoukville International Airport, Airport of Battambang, Kampong Chhnang Airport, Airport of Battambang, Kampong Chhnang Airport. 10 countries respectively Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Syria are set at thirty-six dollars for Cambodia E visa application. All travelers are pre-instructed that arrival and departure on the same day are just doable thru Phnom Penh Air Port.
Cambodia can be accessed through Border Crossings. When you go through Thailand, cross Banteay Meanchey Province, POI PET. In the event you go over Vietnam, cross Svay Rieng Province, BAVET. If you’re from Laos, cross Stung Treang Province, Tropaeng Kreal.


It’s significant to remember that if you are planning to obtain a visa on arrival, some airline companies will tell you to acquire a Two-way ticket to get in the country. Visa can be used through website –, nevertheless ensure you apply in advance like before a week so that you can get a finite time for rest of the procedures. A fair warning to overstayers that it is accessible to overstay for about thirty days. After thirty days, overstayers are still accountable for the 89EUR fee per day, nonetheless, depending on the breadth of overstay, accident imprisonment, deportation, as well as approaching bans on entering the nation.

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Australia – A Country of Mystery

What exactly is eTA Australian Visa and who is it designated for

The eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is the authorization to enter the territory of Australia and it is digitally connected to your passport ( Australia Visa ) . The Australia eTA visa allows you to go to Australia as a tourist or business reasons. The visa comes with a length of 12 months having a maximum stay of 3 months for each vacation. The eTA Australia visa is multi-entry, which means that you are able to get into Australia several times during the validity time.

Who can apply for Australian eTA Visa?

With the tourist eTA Australia visa, it is possible to:

  • •Pay a visit to the country as being a tourist;
  • •Visit relatives or friends
  • •Follow a training cycle lasting up to 3 months.

With the eTA Australia business visa, it is possible to:

  • •Carry out market research with local businesses to discuss opportunities for future assistance;
  • •Discuss or sign a work contract;
  • •Accumulate the necessary details for a possible move to Australia, also considering the search for work and a lodging;
  • •Participate in classes, conferences or fairs, offered you do not receive cash compensation.

What exactly are australia eta visa requirements ?

You are able to make application for an E-visa Australia eTA if:

  • •You’ve got a passport from one such countries; Canada, Japan, USA, Brunei, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • •You pay a visit to Australia solely for vacation or professional reasons;
  • •You are physically outside Australian area when filling out an application;
  • •You are in possession of a valid passport;
  • •You don’t have tuberculosis;
  • •You haven’t been sentenced for criminal offenses in any nation (imprisonment for Twelve months or even more). In case of a criminal conviction (Visa Application for Australia eTA with a criminal record), the appropriate visa to get is Visitor Visa (subclass 600).
  • As stated before, the visa is valid for one year with a maximum stay of three months. If you’re already on Australian place with an eTA visa (subclass 601) and you need to be in Australia for over Three months, you are able to extend your vacation through applying for another tourist visa: Visitor Visa (subclass 600 ).

eTA Australian visa application process

When filling out the Australian visa form – eTA – there are some questions relating to your situation in legal terms. You are asked whether you have committed criminal offenses and whether you have been sentenced. These questions must be clarified with utmost sincerity. Within the e-visa application form, criminal background queries really are a fundamental criterion for entrance into Australia. Particularly, one refers to “Fact Sheet, The Character Requirement” or the prerequisites of ethical analysis. Even though you have a valid Australia visa, the latter doesn’t give any assurance to gain access to the Australian terrain. All travelers who want to get into Australia must meet the criteria of ethical analysis. If tourists don’t fit these rules, their access is forbidden.
When the Australia visa application has been submitted and you’ve responded yes to questions regarding your criminal record, your application will likely be assessed by an official. When it deems it proper, it could need paperwork (eg a police certification or court document) in addition to the Australia visa application. In the event the e-visa is granted, then you can leave. Nevertheless, entry into Australia isn’t guaranteed: you’ll be controlled by immigration officials when you arrive in Australia and they’ll ask you questions. They will also come to a decision whether or not to confirm the visa and whether or not to grant you access to

Australian territory.

The visa isn’t granted to travelers if:

  • – Their criminal history is very long;
  • – You’ve been expelled from Australia before;
  • – If you are part of an organization suspected of having committed criminal offenses;
  • – If you are suspected of smuggling
  • – If you’ve been found guilty of sex crimes.

Canada Visa Requirements – Canada Travel Requirements

Couple of point about Canadian visa prerequisites,Canadian visa application

Those who are preparing to visit Canada for schooling purpose, ought to seek information from immigration advisor concerning Canada visa application and Canada visa prerequisites ( apply for Canadian visa ). Individuals are always stuck as to what form or papers are needed and where can get hold of them. On the other hand, with the appropriate advice, it’s easy to fill the Canadian visa. One of the typical easier techniques is to find a Canadian visa agent to help you, unlike some applicants who accomplish it by themselves and turn out not succeeding. Immigration assistant and consultant will give replies to the questions about immigration. Canadian Bureau of immigration and citizenship, is the place where the forms and files are sorted prior to submitting the required legal documents and forms.
Canadian visa application would require shorter approval time if it were completed properly all the area needed. In addition, if an individual will tightly view the statistics and information at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) site about Canada visa processing and approval, this easily acquired from charts that Canada visa application will take a shorter period. Depending on the location of the immigration office.
To apply for the Canada visa she or he need to be 21 years. Here is the prerequisite required to apply for the visa.

You have to have real legal documents
Two current passport photo; and be sure that the passport meet the requirements
Give evidence that you’ve got money to travel Canada to prevent fraud and burglar cases. The amount of money varies from one person to another depending on the circumstance for your visit. Just how long will you stay, which accommodation will you stay on, with friends or family or alone? You can acquire other important info in the Canadian visa agency in your place.
Enclose the bank’s invoice for the application fee; this charge isn’t refunded even though your visa doesn’t go through.
You will also be asked to include some other legal documents like evidence of work, identification card, or invitation letter from a good friend or relative, or if its schooling purpose document from an establishment applied.
If it’s for schooling purpose, you must provide the following
Proof of identity
Job experience document
Evidence of acceptance
Proof of monetary support
Duplicates of academic marks certificate
Letter of explanation
Visa fee to be compensated via bank draft
IELTS /TOEFL source if applicable.
Aside from those requirements, you are also required to present information regarding when did you make an application for the study permit.
Nonetheless, if the government that provided you with travel document or passport needs are entry permit. Make sure you get one before applying for a Canadian visa.

A person with the above document can apply for the Canadian visa with no worry, and it will be processed very fast. The Canadian visa agent is very skilled at having even the smallest mistake or omissions that can hold off the application and approval procedure. The benefit of using them is they present important information that assists you to up-date the status of the Canadian visa. This makes individuals comfortable and confident.

Traveling and exploring Canada is so easy with Canadian visa, however it can become a forgotten dream if you don’t have a Canadian visa requirement for application of visa.

Source: apply for Canadian visa

Egyptian Tourist Visa

Everything you need to know about Egypt e-visa

With Egypt being one of the favored holiday destinations, and also a large number of business opportunities, it is important that the Visa process to be simplified.

The Egypt e-Visa is an online travel authorization made for folks that want to go to Egypt for tourism. This system speeds up the application procedure to get new visas. The vacationers can decide between a single or multiple-entry visa for Egypt, based on the duration of your trip.

You can obtain this Egypt e-Visa without visiting the embassy, only via a web application. This all new procedure was implemented by the Egyptian authorities.

e-visa Egypt requirements

There are a few prerequisites that the travelers should take into consideration in order to be able to have the Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Egypt. Listed here are the most important ones:

  • You need to have a valid passport which won’t expire for around 8 months.
  • Just 7 nations are visa-exempt: Malaysia, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macao, as well as the United Arab Emirates.
  • Please note that there are numerous types of visas, so you need to see if your nationality is eligible for the online visa or for the one to have on arrival.
  • Once you have the confirmation that you can submit an application for an electronic visa, make sure you complete the online form without errors.
  • Make use of your credit or debit card to pay the charge.
  • A main page of your passport is necessary, so be sure to get a scan or picture of it to publish.
  • After you obtain the online visa you need to print out a duplicate of it to show it to the Egyptian border.

What you should select between a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa

Whether you are trying to get a Visa on arrival or e-Visa, you have to choose its type. Depending on how you prepared your trip, you can make the correct choice:

Single-entry Egypt Visa

This kind allows a Thirty days stay and are also valid for six months, starting off the issue day. When travelling with a team, one person can apply on the web for all of the travelers, but each of them ought to accomplish and sign their forms. This does not apply for guardians or parents, who will sign the applications for their kids.

If you plan to go to the Sinai Red Sea resorts for 15 days, you can do this with a visa-exempt stamp you get on arrival. Do not forget that you will need a single entry Visa for the rest of the country, though.

If you’re only passing through Egypt and it will take less than 48 hours, you do not need to secure a Visa.

Multiple-entry Egypt Visa

In the event you made a decision to have some trips to Egypt, you need to get the multiple-entry one. This way you could leave and return as you want. This kind of Visa can’t be acquired on arrival, so you should request for it in advance. It will let you stay for 30 days maximum during a 90 day period, containing multiple entries.

In the event you made a decision to work in Egypt and are needing a long-term visa, first you have to have a multiple-entry one. This will ease your way to apply for a work permit and return anytime needed.

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Hear The Many Languages of Myanmar

I was quite pleased to read the news post inferring that Myanmar is now ready to join the world’s community of states, so I trust that they are ready to treat their nationals with respect and dignity. The Burmese are on the whole a lovely gentle caring race of people, For the people of Myanmar ( Myanmar e visa
) have for way to long relied on their community and spiritual way of life to ensure they are equipped to travel past the woes brought upon them by the oppression that they have endured at the hands of their army. For the Burmese people have had their serene and spiritual persona exploited to the extreme by the military junta that has dominated this country, we the west have stood by and allowed this oppression to take place.

Back in the 90’s I had the privilege to work in Yangon as a consultant with their fledgling mobile telecom community, albeit my job lasted just for a brief time period, a matter of a few months. Global hotel chains rushed to Yangon to build and operate spectacular hotels of incredible quality, regrettably as they did keep to the democratic area, these resorts have stood mostly empty.

In terms of my reason to be there it had been to counsel them on the prerequisites required to employ a mobile telephony network around Myanmar. As they were attempting to adopt cellular telephony, because it seemed as though they needed to put in a network, then they were starting to start up the country again.

During the period that I traveled to and from Myanmar, a journey which I found to be fraught with difficulty due to each of the procedural requirements to get visa’s etc., I saw a infra-structure that was reminiscent of those war decades across Europe. There were old Bedford lorries and buses that were easily 50 years old and were still operating as originally planned, it was as though the world hadn’t moved on. For me this brought a sort of charm to my excursions which was pleasurable to see and experience, but I abandoned the country for better facilities so never actually had to experience the practical impact for any time period.

The French were included in areas such as; Telephone exchange programs through to restaurants. I was advised by colleagues that I worked with to keep my own council if I maintain any pubs throughout my evenings, so they were signaling the existence of French intelligence, a service who had been there in Myanmar to shield French businesses from overseas competitors. I have no idea as to whether I sliced along side these men so had no expertise to say if this was true or not. But, I had been advised to keep my own council and especially around the pub of the Strand Hotel, a bar where the few expats that were in Myanmar frequented, I count embassy private amongst the expats.