Hear The Many Languages of Myanmar

I was quite pleased to read the news post inferring that Myanmar is now ready to join the world’s community of states, so I trust that they are ready to treat their nationals with respect and dignity. The Burmese are on the whole a lovely gentle caring race of people, For the people of Myanmar ( Myanmar e visa
) have for way to long relied on their community and spiritual way of life to ensure they are equipped to travel past the woes brought upon them by the oppression that they have endured at the hands of their army. For the Burmese people have had their serene and spiritual persona exploited to the extreme by the military junta that has dominated this country, we the west have stood by and allowed this oppression to take place.

Back in the 90’s I had the privilege to work in Yangon as a consultant with their fledgling mobile telecom community, albeit my job lasted just for a brief time period, a matter of a few months. Global hotel chains rushed to Yangon to build and operate spectacular hotels of incredible quality, regrettably as they did keep to the democratic area, these resorts have stood mostly empty.

In terms of my reason to be there it had been to counsel them on the prerequisites required to employ a mobile telephony network around Myanmar. As they were attempting to adopt cellular telephony, because it seemed as though they needed to put in a network, then they were starting to start up the country again.

During the period that I traveled to and from Myanmar, a journey which I found to be fraught with difficulty due to each of the procedural requirements to get visa’s etc., I saw a infra-structure that was reminiscent of those war decades across Europe. There were old Bedford lorries and buses that were easily 50 years old and were still operating as originally planned, it was as though the world hadn’t moved on. For me this brought a sort of charm to my excursions which was pleasurable to see and experience, but I abandoned the country for better facilities so never actually had to experience the practical impact for any time period.

The French were included in areas such as; Telephone exchange programs through to restaurants. I was advised by colleagues that I worked with to keep my own council if I maintain any pubs throughout my evenings, so they were signaling the existence of French intelligence, a service who had been there in Myanmar to shield French businesses from overseas competitors. I have no idea as to whether I sliced along side these men so had no expertise to say if this was true or not. But, I had been advised to keep my own council and especially around the pub of the Strand Hotel, a bar where the few expats that were in Myanmar frequented, I count embassy private amongst the expats.

Adventure Travel to Kenya

Many Tourists who have been able to visit Kenya earlier are often eager to generate a return trip whenever it is a dream trip of a life to people who have never set foot on the Africa’s King of nature and wildlife. As you strive to create that dream visit to Kenya a reality, there are some basic necessities and factors which you have to look into.

Visas and Passports

: This
Is fairly obvious. You require a passport to cross the border to any other country on the planet. Most foreigners are further required to acquire a visa before legally being granted access to the country. But, commonwealth citizens don’t need a visa to visit Kenya – Kenya visa
. Visas are given at Kenya’s International Airports and key border crossings. You may as well obtain one in advance from the country (highly suggested.)

If You plan to cross over to another country like Tanzania state to climb the Kilimanjaro or a trek through the Serengeti, then you’re advised to take a multiple-entry visa so you don’t face any barriers on your way back. Tourist visa are often valid for thirty days.

You are from a country with reported cases of Yellow Fever, you do not require any immunizations. In case you have been immunized, take the card showing the inoculation. Because malaria is a massive threat in the nation, you’re advised to take some anti-malarial drugs; please speak with your physician prior to making the trip as the disorder is resistant to a medicine like chloroquine.


Kenyans Are friendly people and you will be warmly received by the neighborhood communities. You will however encounter locals selling their goods and Some cases handout attorneys. If you are uninterested in any of those Products being sold, politely decline and continue with your trip. You are also advised to not go out alone and maintain your passport securely. Do not walk around with wads of money, even in the Event That You intend to spoil Yourself on your journey. Please leave the jewellery in your hotel room and Be cautious with other valuables such as cameras telephones lest you lessen the Work of petty burglars.

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