People for Measure P

Check out the Endorsement page for a full list of supporters.

Local Farmer John LaBoyteaux On Measure P:

A Few of the Local People & Businesses Supporting Measure P:

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Have you voted YES on Measure P yet?

If you vote by mail, you can send in your ballot now!
If you vote on Election Day, you don’t have long to wait!


Note to Humboldt County Voters:  Have you heard a lot about Measure P lately?  Are you wondering what to believe?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and read the ordinance for yourself to learn the truth about this important grassroots initiative.  Then find out who’s supporting Measure P on our Endorsements page – but get ready, it’s a long list!

13 thoughts on “People for Measure P

  1. how can i get one of your t-shirts

  2. Keep the earth growing fresh !

  3. Hey Yes on P, I love local organics. I also am an aspiring Dairy farmer. My impression is that a local dairy might be restricted from growing GMO grains to feed its cows. Is that going to negatively impact Humboldt because dairys in our county won’t be as competitive ? It looks like dairys are already in trouble in our county, won’t this make it even more difficult ? Is there a better rewrite for prop p ? Which isn’t as restrictive ? thanks a lot for you kind answers. Peace.

    • Thank you for your interest. Dairy farmers will be free to buy GMO feed to feed their animals, but they cannot grow it themselves in the county. We wrote it this way because anybody who grows a GMO in this county is posing an undue burden and risk unto those around them. A farmer next door could have their heirloom traits contaminated, possibly losing hundreds of years of breeding. The increased pesticide spraying would impact those around as well, exposing us and our children to excess chemicals.

      We in fact see Measure P as a protection. Increasingly there has been a demand for non-gmo products in the marketplace, making it a great economic factor. Many countries have in fact refused imports due to GMO contamination concerns. We hope to make a niche market here in Humboldt and live up to the name we have been making for eco-friendly, natural products. Dairy farmers have a great opportunity to hop on the non-GMO market while it is rising, and if a non-gmo product comes from a place where GMOs are banned, there is no risk in rejection of the product due to fears of GMO contamination, since contamination would not be possible with the ban we hope to pass.

      Please help protect our home and our children. Help Humboldt meet market standards and the demand for non-gmo products. Help protect our farmers who depend on their genetics for their livelihood. Wind carrying GMO pollen can ruin this in seconds. Help protect our children. Don’t let what happened to Jackson County in Oregon happen to us. They passed their GMO cultivation ban after having GMO Sugar Beet plots line the back of a children’s school garden. A group of children faced increased chemical exposure and genetic contamination while at school. Please do not make us face the negative effects of GMOs before acting as Jackson county was forced to. We all deserve to protect our property, and when GMOs are grown next door, they can trespass and contaminate your property through pollen in the wind and it is perfectly legal. With Measure P we hope to change this.

  4. I support Measure P!

  5. Hello! I was wondering if measure p is only for Humbolt; does it also help other local farmers throughout the golden state? Are there other similar measures like measure p?

    • Thank you for your interest. Measure P is only pertaining to Humboldt county. We will join Mendocino and Trinity counties who have this law in place. Santa Cruz and Marin have this law in place as well.

  6. This is the most important step in ensuring a safe, transparent, and trace able food supply. The future of food is at stake!

  7. We would like to see Del Norte County follow suit and close the gap between the coastal GMO free zone and the Southern Oregon Jackson/Josephine County GMO free zone.

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